Strangers With Candy

Valentine’s Day is upon us yet again. But before you start a verbal rampage about how it’s a holiday created by the corporations to suck in our money, just remember the fabulous product that gets produced by the truckload this time of year: Chocolate! And luckily, Boston is home to some of the most delicious and decadent chocolate stores known to man, so here’s our guide to true dessert bliss.

Washington Square in Brookline and Brighton Center are home to Athan’s European Bakery, an adorable cafe and bakery which also makes its own chocolates. Each piece is handmade with quality ingredients, like savory liqeurs and preserved fruits and nuts. Dark Aramena cherries can be cloaked in milk chocolate, while the truffles are hand rolled by experts. If you’re dating or married to a serious choco-holic, a gift from Athan’s would probably make them keel over with joy.

Any Francophile probably has a sweet tooth for their chocolate, but sometimes you just can’t hop all the way to the Champs-Elysees to purchase it. For those who work in the Copley Square area, one of the most famous French chocolate boutiques is available right inside the Copley Square Mall. Richart Chocolates creates decadent pieces that are ideal as gifts. For Valentine’s Day, may we suggest the “Je t’aime” box from the Hearts Collection, which has dark chocolate with raspberry ganache, almond pralines in milk chocolate, and apricot coulis in white chocolate. Any recipient of this gift would be swooning with joy, or at least a wicked sugar high.

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Strangers With Candy