State of the Hell’s Kitchen Dive: Holland Bar, Acapulco, España en Llamas

Photo: EV Grieve

According to the State Liquor Authority, Acapulco Bar, a dive frequented by Hell’s Kitchen construction workers and Mexican bailarinas from the taco joint across the street as well as trannies from La Nueva Escuelita, recently had its liquor license suspended for twenty days by the SLA — the ultimate stamp of seediness! Meanwhile, EV Grieve reports on a couple of other dive-velopments in Hell’s Kitchen. First, the Holland Bar, which closed at the end of last year, may reopen as soon as a couple weeks from now, according to a grocer next door and construction workers. No word on whether it’ll be under the same ownership, but the sign is still up. Second, España en Llamas, a slumming spot, has also closed. EV Grieve remembers the hole-in-the-wall: “Last time I was there, a drunken fellow tried to pick a fight with me for no reason. A few beers later, he had his arm around me. Friends, for no reason.” Actually, there may have been a reason. We were once informed by a regular (and drug dealer) on the stool next to us that it was a meeting place for cocaine deals, much like the fabled Kokie’s. Now it can be told!

Credible-enough sources: The Holland Bar is reopening (soon, probably, too) [EV Grieve]
Oh, España en Llamas, I didn’t get to say goodbye [EV Grieve]

State of the Hell’s Kitchen Dive: Holland Bar, Acapulco, España en