Review Revue: 1/20/2008

• Eating The World thinks the guacamole at Adobo Grill is the best part of the meal.

• Bridget and Tammy of Chicago Bites get a tour behind-the-scenes at Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe. They also eat a lot of cheesecake.

• KingT raves about the fact that you can get fried shrimp 24 hours a day at Lawrence’s Fisheries.

• Mike Doyle writes for Drive Thru on the Beijing Duck at Sun Wah Bar-B-Q

• …and also files a report on Marc Burger in the Macy’s food court.

• Ira at Being Totally Sweet in Chicago avails himself of the totally sweet deal burger deal at Custom House — $5 for the month of January.

• A series of circumstantial events led Mike Nagrant to fRedhots and Fries in Glenview, where he tries The Debris: A sandwich made from what’s left over after you’ve served all the Italian beef. Drool.

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Review Revue: 1/20/2008