Review Revue: 1/12/2009

• The Chicago Burger Project double-hits: appetizer mini-burgers at Tavish (free shots!) and the main course at Five Guys (yum).

• Chicago Foodies goes north, young man, to Lincolnwood’s Kow Kow.

• Bridget and Tammy of Chicago Bites go for the superlatives when it comes to Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop.

• D-Tam (get it? It’s a “J-Lo” thing, like six years too late) is a fan of the man doo jeon gol at Korean Seoulfood Cafe, which is served in a gallon-sized bowl.

• Art and Chelsea at Pleasant House (a new one on the radar!) recommend a hearty (and beer-laden) breakfasty brunch at Fado Irish Pub.

• Cake & Commerce gets stuffed at 90 Miles Cuban Cafe, where the sandwiches are yum and the ham is plentiful.

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Review Revue: 1/12/2009