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KO Prime, like any other steak house, is a vegetarian’s worst nightmare. To omnivores who think hunting is an underappreciated sport, this place is a dream come true.

Nestled downtown between Park Street and Government Center, named for head chef Ken Oringer, KO Prime features the best of beast and foul. From foie gras to veal sweetbreads to bone marrow, you can fill up on all sorts of animal-related foods. If you aren’t the adventurous type, there are plenty of kobe steaks and strip sirloins to keep you happy. But that being said, a menu full of calves brains and oxtail marmalade is meant for meat aficionados. If that’s you, we’re likely not cluing you into anything you didn’t already know. If you’re a vegan, you should probably avoid this place like the plague.

But just because the KO Prime menu is full of animal flesh doesn’t mean they doesn’t commit to other types of environmental responsibility. Veggies in the salads often come from the restaurant’s rooftop garden. On their website, you’ll also find a range of ways they work to make their waste less harmful and their practice a bit more green. They have quarterly seasonal sustainable food events, but you can sample their organic and biodynamic wines any day of the week.

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[Photo: Jake Sutton/Flickr]

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