Review Revue: 1/8/2009

• DC at Toast With Mayo is at a loss to describe his Saturday night dinner at Alinea. He begins with a meditation on the nature of art, and ends with articulation failure. Somewhere in the middle of all that is a Black Truffle Explosion, which is one of the best things he’s eaten in his life.

• Mike Gebert of SFoB is disappointed by the tacos at the Bridgeview Arturo’s.

• NBC Street Team takes a peek into the kitchen of one sixtyblue, where new chef Michael McDonald is pulling an Obama and going for change.

• Bridget and Tammy of Chicago Bites also visit One SixtyBlue, but aren’t entirely sold on it.

• KingT dives into the cheap eats at Ghareeb Nawaz, where almost nothing on the menu runs higher than $8.

• Consumatron bites into some gala apples from Trader Joe’s. Not technically a restaurant, fine, but I’m going to allow it.

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Review Revue: 1/8/2009