New Year’s Breeds Vegetarians: Here’s Where You Can Eat

A visiting vegan blogger noted one of MPSF’s favorite vegetarian restaurants, Golden Era, in a post today. P.h.d.licious also happened by “a [sushi] place at Post and Taylor,” (we’re guessing maybe Sakana?).

This brings home the point that there’s a lot of good vegetarian food downtown, aside from the standard Ananda Fuara and Millennium, and that not every place with good vegetarian options has to be all new-agey with ridiculously named dishes (we’re looking at you, Cafe Gratitude).

For example, Wing Lum Restaurant, one of our Polk Street staples, will substitute most of its meat dishes with mock meat. And they’re darned good.

There’s also the new Loving Hut, which is kind of cult-y, but in a funny enough way that it’s not annoying. Medicine Eat Station does well by financial district diners, while the worthy Saha does really sharp, meat-free things with Middle-Eastern food.

Finally, and we know it’s not downtown but you should get into it anyway, it’s worth noting that Papalote, one of Burritoeater’s favorite taquerias in the city, makes all of its beans, rice, tortillas and everything else that’s not actually meat, without meat by-products. That means your marinated tofu super burrito (hold the queso and crema por favor) is actually vegan. Not bad for what is technically junk food.

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[Photo: Via Jeremy Brooks/flickr]

New Year’s Breeds Vegetarians: Here’s Where You Can Eat