More On Alinea 2.0: Small Bites, Multi-Use Space

Buried in an otherwise same-old article on Bloomberg about America’s Most Ridiculously Expensive Restaurants or whatever is this little tidbit from a certain Mr. K about a certain expansion at a certain restaurant A:

Alinea’s private dining room can’t handle parties over 14, so to meet demand for larger events, Kokonas says the restaurant has plans to build a private dining space in a separate location that might double as a “small bites” restaurant. He expects it to open sometime in 2010.

Small bites! Multi-use space! 2010! ZOMG! Anyone know of any Lincoln Park commercial real estate that’s been quietly changing hands?

For that matter, absolutely no one — not a single one of you — picked up the hint we threw down about the likely name of this new kid on the block. Come on, people, put your sleuth hats on!

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More On Alinea 2.0: Small Bites, Multi-Use Space