Meet Your New Cousin Oliver

With a McDonald’s or BK Lounge on almost every corner, it’s difficult to find fast food choices that aren’t simply pushing the Big Mac genre. While we may have just discovered the Burger King veggie burger and really enjoyed it, there’s not too much diversity on their menu for someone who isn’t into the whole proceed-meat arena. But there’s a few mini-chains around town that supposedly push “fast-food” that isn’t too unhealthy, so we set out to discover whether these joints really are as healthy as they seem, all the while being delicious.

b.good prides itself on having “Real Food, Real People, and Real Stuff.” Located throughout the city everywhere from Harvard Square to Newbury Street (and rumored to be opening on the bottom of Cambridge Street across from MGH for months now), and created by two Colby College guys looking to create “real” fast food, B. Good simply offers 4 types of burgers prepared in a multitude of ways. You have the traditional beef, turkey, veggie, and chicken burgers, with options ranging from the “El Guapo” toppings (that one was named by the customers themselves) to the “Cousin Oliver,” named after the Brady Bunch character because “it represents the new thing in your life you’re not quite sure of at first, but quickly learn to love.” It really just has the typical lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles, so we’re not thinking it’s anything too strange. There’s also a variety of salad and combo options, not to mention a killer milk or frozen yogurt shake menu.

No matter which way you put it, B.Good is able to provide delicious food that may be a little bit pricier than a night at Wendy’s, but we’re positive the nutritional data won’t send you running to the gym. And if you really are concerned, B. Good lists every bit of nutritional information no their website for you to district yourself from work all day long.

b.good [MenuPages]
b.good [Official Site]

[Photo: Colby College]

Meet Your New Cousin Oliver