McCormick Flavor Forecast 2k9

Hey! Did you know that McCormick releases a flavor forecast for the coming year at the end of every year? (Neither did we, until we started working a job that required us to read anything that might bear a resemblance to food news!) Well, they do, and the list for 2009 was published very recently. Without further ado, here are the flavor marriages that McCormick predicts will be big this year (we have bolded the ones that we see the brightest future for):

1. Toasted Sesame and Root Beer
2. Cayenne and Tart Cherry
3. Tarragon and Beet Root
4. Peppercorn Melange and Sake
5. Chinese Five Spice and Artisan-cured Pork
6. Dill and Avocado Oil
7. Rosemary and Fruit Preserves
8. Garam Masala and Pepitas
9. Mint and Quinoa
10. Smoked Paprika and Agave Nectar

It’s an interesting list, but we are skeptical about some of these pairings. After all, the buzz phrase for food during this browbeaten economic state is “comfort food” and many of these spices are not quite that. (Also, we’ve already been seeing mint and quinoa unions, but we’ll let it slide because we love it.)

For reference, the 2008 list contained the following flavor pairings:
1. Oregano & Heirloom Beans
2. Vanilla Bean & Cardamom
3. Chile & Cocoa
4. Coriander & Coconut Water
5. Lemon Grass & Lychee
6. Red Curry & Masa
7. Orange Peel & Natural Wood
8. Allspice & Exotic Meats
9. Poppy Seed & Rose
10. Rubbed Sage & Rye Whiskey

Offhand, numbers 2, 3, and 10 seem to have been some apt forecasting.

[Photo: spices via Oberazzi/Flickr]


McCormick Flavor Forecast 2k9