E.U. Closes, Makes Way for Italian Pizzeria With Pool Table

So long, E.U.
So long, E.U. Photo: Mark Peterson/Redux for New York Magazine

While the Seymour Burton relaunch, Butcher Bay, readies for its debut (despite Time Out’s earlier optimism, it shows no sign of opening immediately), part-owners Jason Hennings and Bob Giraldi have abandoned their other project, E.U. According to Eater, it will be replaced by a trattoria and pizza spot, Tonda. The last thing the East Village needs more of, right? Except we just listened to the detailed outgoing message and it sounds like this might just be something a little different.

Ciao, and thank you for calling the former E.U. We are currently changing the E.U into a contemporary Italian-style pizzeria called Tonda. Tonda will be open in approximately six weeks and we will feature wood-burning [-oven] bread, focaccia, and personal-size pizzas as well as a variety of piattini (small plates). Also there will be a pool table, outside café, and home delivery. The long-awaited liquor license is also on the way. Hope to entertain you soon.

Whoa. This may be the swankest setting to see a pool table since Almond.

The Shutter: The E.U. to Become Tonda Pizzeria [Eater]

E.U. Closes, Makes Way for Italian Pizzeria With Pool Table