Ernest Goes To Italy

Ernesto’s has been hanging tight in the North End for over twenty years, and with over twenty thin crust pizza options daily - all of these available by the slice, mind you - it’s no wonder these guys have a steady following and booming takeout business.

Ernesto’s is perhaps most famous for their size. We don’t tend to think size matters, but when you pay $4 for a slice of pizza and end up walking out with a fourth of the pie, even we can be forced to rethink these things. The guys who work there get the joke too. They’ve seen the naive first-timers come in and ask for two slices for one person. Everyone sort of laughs, and the newbie is absolutely horrified when their order is ready. Live and learn.

As a family-run business, only the friendliest folks handle the cooking and counter. They serve beer and wine and run a nightly drink special. The actual seating space can be cramped, but we always grab ours to go anyway. If you ask nicely, they’ll even cut your monster slice of pizza in half for you.

Even their calzones are a reason to stop in. Go hungry, leave happy.

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[Photo: wEnDaLicious/Flickr]

Ernest Goes To Italy