Drink Up: Kung Fu Girl Riesling

Chicago restaurant uber-publicist Ellen Malloy has a really fantastic twitter, on which she calls out various food-related tidbits of note that she finds interesting.

This one caught my eye: On the wine list at Feast is a $30 bottle of Kung Fu Girl Riesling from Mattawa vineyard in Walla Walla, Washington.

It’s a great name, for sure, but here is the kicker: It is an even better wine. While I’m not a die-hard oenophile (for more sage advice, I’d direct you to the Trib’s Bill Daley or LEYE’s adorable Alpana Singh), as far as my limited repertoire goes, Kung Fu Girl is one of my all-time favorites.

I first tried it last winter when my landlords gave it to me as a Christmas present, and recently picked up a bottle for a high-pressure dinner — the hope was that Kung Fu Girl’s grown-up mineral sweetness would appeal to my boyfriend’s white zinfandel-loving parents. Five days later (the boyfriend’s parents didn’t bite, and I didn’t want to drink the whole bottle myself), I found myself adding the leftover few ounces to a pot of slow-simmering tomato sauce. And here, people, the magic happened. There is something about this wine — earthy and sugary at once — that absolutely elevates tomato sauce.

At $14 a bottle from Sam’s, this isn’t your everyday cooking wine. But if you can spring for it, half a bottle for the cooking and half for the drinking, I assure you you won’t regret it.

Even better, just order it with dinner. May we suggest Feast’s snapper and mussels Provençale with spicy tomato sauce and lobster-leek ravioli? Because oh my god, that sounds yum.

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Drink Up: Kung Fu Girl Riesling