DOH Confirms Increase in Late-Night Smoking Raids

Photo: Daniel Maurer

After noticing that Socialista, Beatrice Inn, and Goldbar were all cited for smoking violations on the same day, we asked the Department of Health whether the Beatrice had been ordered to close just like Socialista had, and whether there’s been a renewed crackdown on smoking in bars. We were told that yes, inspectors have been conducting more late-night smoking checks at restaurant and bars. Here’s the official word about the Beatrice Inn.

The Health Department has inspected the Beatrice Inn on multiple occasions since January 2007 in response to smoking complaints and as a result of the violations it received for allowing smoking. The Health Department re-inspected the Beatrice Inn on December 13, 2008 after the Beatrice Inn was found in violation of the Smoke Free Air Act (SFAA) on December 5, 2008. During both inspections, the “No Smoking” policy sign was not posted and actions were not taken by the establishment’s staff to stop patrons from violating the SFAA. The Beatrice Inn received violations but was not closed. The Department may consider actions to revoke or suspend the establishment’s permit should it continue to allow patrons to smoke.

Yikes. So how will this affect “the comfortably run-down feeling at smoke-filled Beatrice,” as Sunday “Styles” puts it in the latest article (after ours a few months ago) to compare the spot to Chloe 81?

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DOH Confirms Increase in Late-Night Smoking Raids