Cutlets Catches Heat for Hamburger Hyperbole

We’ve finally carved out eight minutes to watch our old friend Josh Ozersky’s Nightline segment. You wouldn’t think the man would rile people up just by, in so many words, reiterating the premise of the Wendy’s “3conomics” commercials, but more than a couple of bloggers are shaking their heads. First, Slice rebukes his statement that “fancy burgers are cheaper than pizza” (not by the slice, says Adam Kuban; well yeah, but by the pie, clarifies Ozersky). Next, A Hamburger Today takes exception to Cutlets’s claim that Pat La Frieda is “the source of the great burger revolution” (that started in the early aughts, thanks in part to the DB Bistro Burger as well as non–New York chains, not to mention the rise of food blogs and burger books such as Ozersky’s own). Meanwhile, travel writer David Farley is appalled at the suggestion that Obama should “hamburger-ize” the economy, and that the Spotted Pig’s $17 burger is “omnipotent.” But the most amusing piece of criticism was directed at Pat La Frieda and reprinted by the Feedbag.

Dear Lafrieda,
I thought I would write you about your appearance on abc nightline. I decided to become vegetarian two months ago, and it was the easiest change ever….all I had to do was watch videos on to be absolutely horrified with what those animals go through. They don’t get to enjoy one SECOND of their life. All so “America” can get their cheap-o burger at Shake Shack. It’s really terrible .I am disgusted with the show tonight. Clips of unhealthy-looking people chow down on their burgers, grease dripping from their faces…even the host couldn’t finish the clip without wiping his face down 2 or 3 times. And don’t even get me started on the fat guy in the mis-matched suit with the aggressive attitude. He needs to give up burgers for awhile, or he’s headed straight for a heart attack. If this is what America is now, I’m ashamed to be an American.

A concerned American

Hilarious. All the clip made us want to do was run out to City Burger!

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Cutlets Catches Heat for Hamburger Hyperbole