Call Me Animal!

The only question that remains in the world is, why didn’t we know about this, and why didn’t we post something on it sooner? Naturally, you’ve already read on Serious Eats about the availability of Animal Style fries at In-N-Out burger. But we have to just chime in and talk about how awesome that is, and how disappointed we are to have wasted hundreds of In-N-Out trips not ordering this heart-stopper Burgers, naturally. But fries? We have been treading water, people. From SE:

To any In-N-Out fan, the “secret menu” is an open secret. But while just about every other cheeseburger comes out Animal Style, it’s less well-known that you can get your fries Animal Style, too. What does that mean? Your tray of fries comes topped with a mass of melty cheese, the same grilled onions, and a heart-stopping ladle of Thousand Island dressing.

If you’ve been wasting time not ordering from In-N-Out’s secret menu, we’ve found a rundown of the whole thing here. That should set the record straight.

But wait! this obsession with turning In-N-Out’s four menu items goes beyond even the realm of the possible. Check out the Fantasy Menu on the site of the same name. We’re especially fond of the Murder Victim:

Put all the ingredients of a double double animal style into the bag and then, holding it closed, hit the bag on the counter several times, add ketchup, then seal with the original bag tie. served on a bed of yesterdays lettuce with a broken fork.

Now, if that doesn’t whet your appetite, you don’t have one. Get on down to Fisherman’s Wharf, people, and get your fix. Here’s some theme music:

Animal Style Fries at In-N-Out Burger [Serious Eats]
in-n-out’s secret menu [Bad Mouth]

[Photo: Via zeping/flickr]

Call Me Animal!