And Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Fermented Cactus Sap’ Is … Pulque!

Photo: Courtesy of Travel Channel

If you watched that tacotastic episode of No Reservations last night, you’re now more than familiar with pulque, the fermented cactus sap that we asked you to guess the name of in order to win a signed No Reservations poster. We got a ton of responses, including at least one saying that pulque isn’t technically cactus sap. Yes, the maguey is technically an agave and not a cactus, but since Bourdain described it as “the sap of the maguey cactus” (as well as “man juice” and “Mexican Viagra”), that’s what we’re going with. In any case, if there’s a congratulatory message from us in your in-box right now, you’re the winner. If not — well, be the first to tell us where to find a pulqueria in New York and we’ll treat you to one of those gigantic glasses of the stuff.

And Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Fermented Cactus Sap’ Is …