We Poppin’ Bottles

With the New Year on our doorstep, it’s completely a given that thousands of champagne bottles will be poppin’ across Boston. But when it comes to this delicious beverage, known to “go in like perfume, and come out like poison,” there are all levels of luxury. On the champagne scale, you can go from bottles that cost a few bucks to those that cost over a thousand. So let’s navigate the river of this fizzy lifting drink from low to high, and find a price everyone can settle on for a successful New Year’s Eve.

At the bottle of the barrel is a brand most people have succumbed to drinking, whether it be in college or just out of desperation. Andre champagne retails for literally only a few dollars a bottle, and it still serves the purpose if you’re having a large party where lots of mouths need to be fed, er..filled. If you’re looking to step it up a notch, a bottle of Korbel is a popular choice for only around $12.

Want to skip up to the high-class champagnes? Well luckily enough, champagne is immediately associated with luxury, so no problem there. Leave your Bud Light at home for a lovely bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne Brut, for the low price of around $40 at most liquor stores. The type of champagne you don’t have to be ashamed to bring as a gift to your host, it’s much less expensive than some of the alternatives out there. For example, one of the most famous brands around is Veuve Clicquot. For around $90-100, you’re definitely paying for that label, but if price is no object, then so be it. Another high quality alternative includes Moet and Chandon’s Dom Perignon, which at its cheapest level can be bought for around $120. However if you’re willing to pony up, a 1998 Dom Perignon Lagerfeld costs around $2500!

No matter what form of liquid you choose to ingest on New Year’s Eve, we still think the company you keep is the best key to having a fabulous evening. But a little bubbly never hurt.

[Photo: Baskets By Rita]

We Poppin’ Bottles