Use Your Noggin

Everyone goes a little eggnog crazy this time of year. We’ve wandered past eggnog-scented girly goodies in the mall. Christina’s Ice Cream carries their seasonal eggnog ice cream flavor. Starbucks has an eggnog latte. The Breakfast Club (270 Western Ave, Allston) serves eggnog waffles and pancakes.

But while all of these neat concoctions are festive and fun, we want a big tall glass of the real thing. We don’t care if it has rum, bourbon, or is alki-free. We’re ready to drink up. LA Burdick occasionally carries a hearty nog this time of year, but we’re mostly into buying some from the store or making our own. For a cheap fix, you can try any of the new Hood varieties (we love vanilla or pumpkin), sold at Shaw’s and the like. For a few more pennies and a richer drink, try the 365 Whole Foods version - you’ll know it by the glass bottle. For some of the best in town, from local dairies around suburban Boston, head to the Davis Square Dairy Bar.

If you’re lactose intolerant, look for Vitasoy Holly Nog and Silk Soy-nog as perfectly acceptable substitutes. And if you’re just worried about the calories, Hood has a light version too.

Happy drinking and happy holidays!

Christina’s Ice Cream [Official Site]
The Breakfast Club, 270 Western Ave, Allston, 617-783-1212
Burdick Chocolate [Official Site]
The Dairy Bar at Kickass Cupcakes [Official Site]

[Photo: House of Sims/Flickr]


Use Your Noggin