Tonayense Brings The Fight

An update on the saga of the Tonayense truck that is taking a stand in the Mission District. It seems that, after supervisors passed a law banning such vendors from operating within 1,500 feet of schools, the old-school burrito-slinger is not going quietly. From the Examiner:

In September, police revoked El Tonayense’s permit to operate the truck, located on Harrison Street near 19th Street — two blocks from John O’Connell High School.

However, owner Benjamin Santana is appealing the decision, saying his establishment should be grandfathered in because it has been there longer than the school. As a result, the revocation is suspended pending Santana’s appeal hearing Feb. 4, according to a report from police Cmdr. Sylvia Harper.

We reported on this conflict some months ago, you’ll recall, when the Burrito Justice blog went to bat for the truck as a parents’ group tried to roust it from its longtime spot. Now that the law is involved, this mess is going to get more serious, and with any luck, it could be the subject of endless City Hall hearings and Supervisors’ committee meetings. Cross your fingers. If only Burrito Justice really did have jurisdiction here. It could potentially save the city a lot of time and red tape. Ah, well. Commence bickering, San Francisco.

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[Photo: Via Burritoeater]


Tonayense Brings The Fight