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Time Out’s Favorite 100 Foods of the Year Are a Celebration of Fatty Fat Fat

Photo: Melissa Hom

Time Out’s editors clue us in to the best 100 things they ate this year, and the list is so fat-happy (and of course pig-happy, specifically) that anyone who eats it all (one guy actually did knock down almost everything on last year’s list) is bound to blow up to the size of Norbit’s girl. Unsurprisingly, the eponymous sandwich at Porchetta takes the proverbial cake. The runners-up: squab at Corton, akamaru modern ramen at Ippudo NY, tarragon pappardelle at Falai, Askinosie chocolate from Blue Apron Foods, foie gras ravioli at Scarpetta, prosciutto at Salumeria Rosi, roasted sardines at A Voce, face bacon at Blue Hill, and the Diamondback at PDT. Among the remaining 90, there are some familiar plates (duck-fat fries at the Harrison, the burger at Irving Mill, the Artichoke slice), but we have to hand it to Time Out for some all-around excellent cheap-to-moderately priced picks. We couldn’t agree more with them on the chicken-liver sandwich with bacon on challah at JoeDoe, and props to them for singling out the blended avocado and mescal cocktail at Macondo (yes, Time Out even likes its drinks fatty) — easily the best and most undersung drink of the year.

Best Food and Drink of 2008 [TONY]

Time Out’s Favorite 100 Foods of the Year Are a Celebration of