Threads Up: Thanksgiving Hangovers

We’re keeping our eyes peeled, but so far there seems to be a dearth of reports-back from the ever-vocal San Francisco dining community on the fun food things that went down over the long, Thanksgiving weekend. We’d really like to read more impressions from all those special, holiday menus at restaurants, as well as audience-participation events such as Yats’ deep-fried turkeys.

We did find an in-depth rundown of the Franciscan Restaurant’s feast on Chow, where regular contributor rworange was not exactly impressed, but not truly disappointed either, with their traditional fare:

A long oblong-shaped white plate presented the entrée in a straight line … three thick slices of turkey breast covered in gravy, ‘mashed’ potatoes, a scoop of stuffing and a little cup of whole cranberry sauce … more sauce than cranberry. It was ok and not offensive.

There’s also a thread up that asks about the Yats’ turkey thing, but so far little information in response.

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[Image: Via snapscot/flickr]

Threads Up: Thanksgiving Hangovers