Things Will Be Great When You’re Downtown

Another week behind us, a few more lunches we didn’t have the time or energy to brown-bag. We know we’ve been over this before, but there are tons of tiny, dingy cafes scattered in downtown alleys and side streets. We like to mention all of your options, just in case you need a change of pace. And who doesn’t if you work in the financial district?

At Al Capone, you will end up with another sub shop, only these are a bit expensive and enormous. You could easily share these monsters with a coworker, assuming you’re that comfortable with the guy in the cubicle next to you. Check for coupons on their website, try the hot and the cold varieties, and if you happen to be stuck downtown for a late meeting, never fear - these guys stay open later then the typical lunch stand.

And while everyone raves about New York Pizza and you can easily grab a slice at Al Capone’s, we’re suckers for Jay Bo Cafe. Huge slices, super cheap, we mostly dig that the lines here are much more tolerable. They go heavy on the cheese, light on the sauce. You can’t beat that combo. And now that we’ve told you where to go, lunch is on you next week, right?

Al Capone’s [Official Site]
New York Pizza [Official Site]
Jay Bo Cafe [MenuPages]

[Photo: Living in Monrovia/Flickr]

Things Will Be Great When You’re Downtown