The Publican’s Beer List Gets Jolly

Time for your regularly scheduled daily micro-update on goings-on at The Publican!

The buzzy boite (we know it is neither of those, but we’re feeling old-school-journalisty today and can’t resist nonsensical alliterative phrases) is getting into the holiday spirit — literally! har har — with some Christmas-themed beers. Keep an eye out for Three Floyds Alpha Klaus Xmas Porter, De Ranke Père Noël (that’s furriner for “Father Christmas”), and a Saison de Pipaix spiked with holiday spices like black pepper, ginger, curaçao, sweet orange peels, coriander, roast chicory.

It’s the season for family, hugs, and walks in the snow! Drink up!

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[Photo via Sonnett’s Flickr. This beer is, afaik, not being served at The Publican. Alas.]

The Publican’s Beer List Gets Jolly