The Publican Pwns MenuPages

We were talking to our boss the other day, and out of nowhere he said “Hey, what’s the deal with The Publican?”

“What do you mean?” we replied, because The Publican kind of transcends the notion of having a deal. Did he mean the gastro-chic menu? The recently discounted beer list? The accessibly hip crowd? The impeccable pedigree?

Nope. “It’s blowing every other Chicago menu on the site out of the water. It might be our most-clicked menu of all time.

Well holy crap, that’s certainly something. Our heartiest congratulations to Paul Kahan, Brian Huston, et al. We will be constructing a certificate out of office supplies (what’s up, highlighter drawer!) and delivering it to you posthaste via the finest child-cowboy messenger in the land.

If you’ve been dying to try The Publican’s menu — the crispy veal brain is just calling your name — it’s even easier. As of yesterday, they are now taking reservations.

The Publican [MenuPages]

The Publican Pwns MenuPages