The Monday Report: Break Out The Poinsettia

Did you notice the blitzkrieg of Christmas movies on television this weekend? Seems like the second the turkey’s off the table, here comes Macaulay Culkin. If you can remove yourself from the couch, there’s some brand new restaurants that are ready for business. So sorry, Macaulay.


Jamaica Plain: We’re breakin’ out the Pepto Bismol, because we’re not going to let our weak stomach resist the new Ghazal Fine Indian Cuisine in JP. Located in the former home of Cafe D, the blogs are buzzing and locals say it’s now open. [Chowhound]

South Boston: One of the South End’s most popular restaurants and late-night haunts, Franklin Cafe’s Southie location is officially open for business. [Chowhound]

[Photo: The Gazz]

The Monday Report: Break Out The Poinsettia