The Chronicle Over Coffee

The holiday season is upon the San Francisco Chronicle, in the form of their Holiday Entertaining Guide, a nice little addendum to the food section.

• Amanda Gold checks out the local dessert scene, and finds that while hard times don’t necessarily bump sweets from the menu, people do buckle down to the classics. [Desserts that pay dividends]

• Lots of foods are grown around the Bay Area, but when one takes a mental inventory, wheat doesn’t necessarily come in at the top of the list. It’s here, though, and apparently interest in local wheat is growing. [Bay Area wheat makes a comeback]

• Perhaps inspired by her effect on San Francisco City Hall, Alice Waters is shooting for an advisory role in the Obama White House. [Waters leads call for ‘kitchen cabinet’]

• Turns out you can save a lot of time with your holiday baking by using just one basic dough for all your cookie needs. [Mom’s secret - one dough, three cookies]

• The tasting panel found Izze to be the best of a mediocre bunch of pomegranate sodas and juices. [Taster’s Choice]

• And a Mexican food deluge, a lounge for La Folie, and chef shuffles at Home and Silks. [Inside Scoop]

The Chronicle Over Coffee