The Annoying World Of Live-Blogging

The other day, while we stood around complaining about Twitter, a friend said this gem of a new-media one-liner:: “Can’t we all just blog like adults here? Jesus!” We laughed and laughed, but really, the answer is no, we can’t seem to.

The New York Times has some jerk live-blogging Thanksgiving. Some newspaper in Colorado sent a reporter to “tweet” a funeral. Most recently, A16 chef Nate Appleman has been documenting his every move on Eater, leading to this conversation between ourselves and MenuPages: Chicago editor Helen Rosner:

Helen: who the f*ck is nate appleman?
me: chef at A-16
which is a restaurant in SF
Helen: eater is being his personal twitter
me: haha

She went on to be less than complementary of the posts, which run toward the mundane: “Just ran 4 miles on the streets of NYC. Very hectic, very dangerous.” Um, ok. We’re glad Appleman had the chance to get a run in, but still scratching the head as to why it deserves coverage on one of the country’s biggest food sites. This micro-feed stuff is getting out of hand, if we may don our curmudgeon hat for a moment. Soon, we’ll never be able to leave the desk for fear of missing Thomas Keller’s description of what was in his stool. Annoying.

Caroline was right. Can’t we just blog like adults here?

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[Photo: Via Wikipedia]


The Annoying World Of Live-Blogging