Take A Ride On The Hot Dog Highway

Don’t you love it, just after Labor Day, when that parade of wacky, dusty vehicles starts rolling in from Burning Man? Yeah, we could take or leave it, too, but there’s one art car we’d be proud to pilot, whether through the Nevada desert or the hills closer to home: The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.

And there’s just the slimmest chance that we (or you) could do so!

We just got word that Oscar Mayer is accepting applications for drivers of the fantastic contraption, which frankly (sorry) looks a lot more futuristic and comfortable than we remember. Plus, they have a blog. So even if you don’t get the job, you can travel vicariously with the Weinermobile crew. This actually sounds like a better option, as driving around the country slinging hotdogs probably loses its luster after a while anyway.

Oscar Mayer Taking Applications for Wienermobile Drivers Till End of January [Serious Eats]
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Take A Ride On The Hot Dog Highway