Sun-Times Food: Memories, Like The Corner Of Our Mind

The pre-Christmas lists are in full swing at the Sun-Times — appropriately, since we just this afternoon realized that the big day is in exactly two weeks. When the heck did that happen? Oh passage of time, you are a fickle mistress.

• In a charming feature, various S-T staffers wistfully reminisce about their favorite cookbooks. Regular MP readers will recognize Lisa Donovan (favorite: Junior League of Denver’s Creme de Colorado Cookbook, 1987), but there are plenty of new names listing off old favorites like the original New York Times Cookbook and, obvs, The Joy of Cooking. Staffer Albert Dickens has the best story — a 55-year-old copy of Ida Bailey Allen’s Step-by-Step Picture Cook Book, given to him by his mother when he realized that Betty Crocker wasn’t a real person. Moment of quoi?: Dickens, “an older gentleman with a kind voice and twinkly eyes,” is an editorial assistant. We were once an editorial assistant — when we were, like, 23. Someone promote that dude!

• Four Seasons exec Chef Ken Hickey says that the “haute chocolat” service at The Cafe at Four Seasons Hotel is inspired by the 2000 movie Chocolat, and that it’s so good that “every time I drink a little demitasse of it, I get a little high.” Whoa.

• Sheila! Lukins! We love that lady so much, and we’re excited by Janet Rausa Fuller’s profile of the legendary cookbook author as she promotes her latest title, Ten: All the Foods We Love and 10 Recipes for Each. Disclosure: We provided some editorial assistance for that title (see above), so if you won’t trust our biased endorsement of the book, trust Fuller’s: she’s a big fan.

• Laura Cid Perea, the pastry chef at Bombon Cafe, looks back fondly on her grandmother’s bunuelos, sweet Christmas pastries. She doesn’t hold back on the schmaltz: “Abuelita Blanca is now in heaven. In her memory, we make bunuelos at Bombon Cafe.” Sugar-coated, f’reals.

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Sun-Times Food: Memories, Like The Corner Of Our Mind