Stop And Give Me All Your Gelt

Whichever way you choose to spell it, this year Hanukkah begins December 21st at sundown. From there starts eight nights of fun-filled family-kvetching and gefilte fish. Okay, it’s better than that. While Hanukkah isn’t one of the major holidays to the Jewish community, it is one that sticks out. On Christmas Day when the goyim (read: gentiles) are eating fresh-baked hams and trying to black-out their family’s presence with whiskey, Jewish families must turn to alternatives for a delicious meal.

Enter: Chinese food. A true Boston landmark (in the minds of drunken twenty-somethings looking for late night dim sum and then some), Chau Chow City is the place to be. The key? It’s open until 4 am. Not that you’d be stepping in that late with Grandma Esther and the rest of your Hanu-crew, but it’s nice to have the option.

We have a few personal favorites when it comes to the Chinese delivery plan. Beijing Cafe, a Comm Ave staple, is perfect when you’re craving that traditional Lo Mein, whichever way you like it prepared (beef, shrimp, roasted pork, chicken, veggie, it’s all there!) There’s also a multitude of tofu dishes, which do well with the vegetarians. There also happens to be a “Fake Meat” section on the menu, such as vegetarian General Gao’s Chicken. We admit we haven’t braved that one yet, but well…in time, in time.

We also adore Hsin Hsin Cafe for their lightning fast delivery and interactive website. With options such as “Buddha’s Delight,” how can one resist stopping in? Located at the corner of Mass Ave and Beacon, you’re welcome to go in and sit down for a meal, but we’d prefer to sit at home watching A Christmas Story on 24-hour replay. So whether you’re one of the chosen people or just one of the hungry ones, Boston offers a variety of Chinese food options every day of the year, including Christmas Day.

Chau Chow City [MenuPages]
Beijing Cafe [Official Site]
Hsin Hsin Cafe [Official Site]

[Photo: A Christmas Story House]

Stop And Give Me All Your Gelt