So Long, 2008, And Thanks For All Seven Fishes

Well readers, it’s been fun, this year. It’s been a little rocky, but overall, we had a great time bringing you our brand of news, gossip, and listings, and reading your comments, reviews, and e-mails in response. It’s time now to take a couple of weeks off to hang out with the family, get the most out of our health insurance by breaking our neck on a ski run, and invest in a new line of larger pants after a long string of heavy dinners.

We’ll be posting sparingly, if at all from now until Jan. 5, but we’ll be checking e-mail from time to time, so if you do want to write, we’ll get the message eventually.

In the meantime, we’d like to point you to a couple of interesting holiday-themed dining events and resources for your own Jesus Birthday/Festival of Light/First Fruit celebrations.

If you’re looking for a New Year’s Eve dinner, the Chronicle ran a pretty good list of them this week. OpenTable also has a corner where you can browse and actually book a restaurant for the night.

If we weren’t going to be nursing bruises in Tahoe this New Year’s, we’d probably be considering SPQR’s prix-fixe dinner, which seems like a reasonable amount of food for a reasonable amount of money. And we like SPQR.

For Christmas Eve, we’d be most interested in Incanto’s Feast of the Seven Fishes, an Italian tradition and regular favorite.

Finally, we’re just going to out and recommend this, in case you were shy about asking: If you stay up all night drinking on New Year’s Eve, and you want to land somewhere to keep doing so as soon as it’s legal, Vesuvio’s is your place. It’s pretty centrally located, in North Beach, they’ve got great cocktails, and it’s open from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day.

And with that, readers, we’ll wish you happy holidays once again, and we look forward to a 2009 full of delicious surprises. All the best,
MenuPages, San Francisco

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[Photo: SPQR’s grilled sardines over ceci puree, via porkbelly24/flickr]

So Long, 2008, And Thanks For All Seven Fishes