Smooth Operator

About five years ago, the back side of the Fenway area Landmark Center area pretty much consisted of a Best Buy, a 24-hour Star Market, and Bradley Liquors (which was pretty much entirely supported by overstressed Simmons students looking to black out on the weekends). Flash forward a few years, and now the area looks like some sort of fashionable galleria with high end boutiques, new restaurants, and well, still Bradley Liquors. But a newer member of the area is Robeks, a fruit smoothie cafe that seems a little different than your sugar filled juice bars of yesteryear.

The Robeks website features a full calorie counter for those of you who want to make sure you’re not just chugging a milkshake. The “Naturally Light” smoothies come in flavors such as pineapple-mango, raspberry banana, and banana mango. At only an average of 150 calories for a 12 oz, they really aren’t that bad. However, the sugar content is definitely present.

From the “Exotic Blends” category, we’re big fans of the “Green Tea Sensation,” a combo of Matcha Green Tea, which is basically the pulverized powder form of green tea perfect for an extra kick in the morning, soy milk, non-fat yogurt, and ice. Definitely more of the dessert genre, we still think compared to a Starbucks Frappaccino that Robeks is looking a lot healthier. However if you’re looking for a true shot of vitamin power, hit up the “Power Smoothies” section which combines everything from soy sorbet with 20 grams of whey protein, fiber, and immune system vitamins. With Robeks locations spreading out all over the country (there are currently two in Massachusetts) this chain is looking like they’re truly on the way to becoming smooth operators. Cue the song by Sade.

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[Photo: Matt Morgan]

Smooth Operator