Skiing, Swinging, And Barbecue Sauce: Lake Tahoe Food

Oh, Lord, it’s almost time for the second annual MenuPages San Francisco excursion to Tahoe, in which we spend a lot of time sitting on the sides of mountains, strapped into ski junk, thinking about where we went wrong. We also eat a lot.

Last year we pointed you toward this old SF Gate guide to eating on the way up 80 and 50, but then we actually went to Kirkwood, and ended up getting BBQ at this place on the 88, the Most Wanted BBQ, in Lockeford. It was new at the time (or at least they still had the “Grand Opening” sign up), and we chatted with the owner, who was really excited we were eating there. Almost drowned in a puddle of pulled pork, and truly wouldn’t have minded. It ruled.

Then we got to Kirkwood and the food there was so bad, we considered driving the two hours back down to Lockeford for lunch.

This year it’s north lake for us, which means we won’t be able to utilize this handy post on SFoodie. It’s too bad. Having spent a little time on the south shore, we could really have used a bit of guidance on where to feed.

But this year holds the promise of the Cal Neva Lodge, which, regardless of the food, was once owned by Frank Sinatra, has a casino in it, and the state line running right through it, and a sordid history. It’s going to be fun no matter what. We’ll let you know what we eat, and whether we get into any old-timey gangster stuff.

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[Photo: Frank Sinatra at the Cal Neva, circa 1960s, via University of Nevada, Reno]

Skiing, Swinging, And Barbecue Sauce: Lake Tahoe Food