Shill-o-Meter: More Cupcakes

Given the toxic combination of our rapidly decomposing economy and a looming sense of shark-jumpage, we’re surprised we haven’t seen hundreds of shilly reviews for cupcake joints. After all, if you’re going to cut back on unnecessaries in times of belt-tightening, it makes sense that the first to go will be twee little cakes that really had their moment in an episode of Sex & The City that aired eight years ago.

That said, we actually like the confections offered by More Cupcakes quite a bit. The cake is tasty, the frosting’s not cloying, and the flavor combinations are inspired. But submitting a user review this blatantly false? Fail.

Our annotations are in bold:

Magic in a cupcake! Breathtaking creations that taste as good as they look(1)!

I discovered more quite by accident(2). I was at a party where their cupcakes were served (3), and then happened to stumble across the store front while out Christmas shopping. If you blink, you might miss it. It is a tiny, but absolutely beautiful shop tucked in between Starbucks and a beauty salon on Delaware street (4). They offer a rotating menu of cupcakes daily, some sweet, some savory. I happened to go at closing an they were not only liberally handing out samples, they were giving away cupcakes with purchase (basically matching each purchase with a freebee) (5). I don’t know if they always do that, or whether I lucked into something special. Either way, it was great!

I ended up with a dozen, and pretty much selected one of each flavor in the case. The chocolates were outstanding! Each chocolate creation was moist and flavorful balanced by a flavorful frosting (don’t miss the More and the Valrhona). The salted caramel is literally overflowing with caramel, and the Pumpkin Spice and Red Velvet were among the best I have ever tasted (6) . They also offer the cutest little mini cupcakes, but I think you have to buy them in groups, or maybe order ahead (?) (7)

My only complaint, and it isn’t a biggie, is that they don’t serve milk! (8)

Way to go More, I’ll be back

1. Nobody makes up catchphrases in a user review.

2. Requisite claim that finding this place was an accident. No shills ever write reviews that begin “I had read a lot about this place and decided to go,” and we have no idea why they don’t, because that is so much more believable.

3. Subtle placement of the idea to serve the product at home! Not just for cupcake-break needs!

4. Excessively specific detailed directions to store. Don’t miss it! Don’t get distracted by Starbucks’ coffee cake!

5. “We give away free cupcakes!”

6. Listing of sweet flavors by name! Including hyper-trendy flavors red velvet and salted caramel. Could this be to counteract the tremendous amount of press for their BLT cupcake?

7. Alternately, the shiller could have typed “We also serve small cupcakes, but you have to order ahead.” Seriously, how would this have come up in an actual counterperson-customer conversation?

8. Fake flaw. “The only flaw is there is no flaws!” Shut up.

Shill-o-Meter rating (on a scale of 1 [fluffy and moist] to 10 [crap in a paper liner]): 8.7.

Next time, just sent a box of assorted minis to our office, instead — our affections are easily bought.

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