A Closer Look at Shang, Finally Open in the Thompson LES

As you might just know by now, Susur Lee’s Shang opened last Friday. We’ve already shared some early spy-cam pics, but we thought it only right to go back for proper interiors. Isn’t she lovely? PR is still being secretive about the menu, which they say is in flux, so we waited till no one was looking and secured it for you. The dining room was about half full last night, perhaps because certain folks had trouble locating the restaurant’s unmarked door — one lady had to place a desperate call from her Town Car. Andrea Strong warned that portion sizes are tricky here — but our party of two had more than enough with the bunlike smoked duck breast in lotus crêpes; the stir-fried orzo in a coconut egg crêpe (a suitable stand-in for fried rice), and of course the much-ballyhooed Singapore slaw, which is tossed tableside. The other entrées follow.

Curry lobster bisque with soft scallop - $10
Sashimi of madai poached in fresh chicken coriander broth - $10
Braised oxtail soup dumpling with tapioca enoki mushrooms and salted pork - $10

Singapore slaw with salted plum dressing - $16
Beijing style cucumber salad, avocado, squash and miso barley with lotus root - $12
Endive, apple, beet, watercress and Silton salad, apple cider and cane sugar - $13
Artichoke heart, butter lettuce, blood orange, red wine figs with cider dressing - $13

Steamed soy spinach custard with black and white tree ear mushrooms and soy juice - $12
Crispy taro puffs with curry egg salad (4 pieces) - $11
Steamed and crusted dim sum vegetable potato dumplings, Swatow chili, soy juice (4 pieces) - $12
Chick pea sweet onion fritters with ginger and mango chutney, minted yogurt - $12
Turnip cake, steamed eggplant with Cantonese preserved black bean and shiitake mushrooms - $12
Fresh ground coconut curry with cauliflower, lentils, potato, and stewed fruits - $11
Seasonal Asian greens sautéed in garlic broth - $11

Steamed savory rice squares with winter melon and black trumpet mushrooms – $9
Whole wheat Mantou bread - $3

Sashimi of madai, pickled daikon, celery sprouts and lemon puree - $16
Thin sliced octopus with tomatillo, tomato salad and pennywort relish - $18
Crispy lobster, salted duck egg, lemon balm, shallot, chili lime juice in lettuce wrap (2 pieces) - $19
Kung pao oyster, chili garlic, black vinegar glaze, jicama and mango (2 pieces) - $12
Lobster and shrimp croquettes with slow cooked daikon, Malay Chinese black pepper sauce - $17
Carmelized wild sablefish, mustard green relish, miso mustard and salmon caviar - $18
Quick sauté wild garlic shrimp with XO sauce, artichoke, rice tuille and Indian tomato jam - $19
Homemade steamed tofu custard with crab, shrimp, lobster, mussels and air dried scallop dessert moss, Tanjin bouillon - $15
Diver scallop with 8 treasure rice steamed in fresh bamboo leaf, lobster tamarind sauce - $17
Stir fried orzo with crab, shrimp, pineapple, spinach, ginger, pine nuts, chili, wrapped in coconut egg crepe - $18

Foie gras and chicken liver pate with green onion pancakes, wheat Mantou crisps and black currant jam - $20
Shaved choi siu pork loin with hot mustard green bean almondine salad - $17
Smoked squab breast and foie gras in lotus crepes with savory bean dijon (4 pieces) - $25
Boneless organic jerk chicken with Scotch bonnet chili sauce, ginger and mango puree - $17
Marget duck breast with osmanthi flower chili honey and braised burdock root - $22
Shang’s spiced slow cooked Berkshire pork belly with puree of lily bulb, red cabbage and sautéed apples - $18
Kelp marinated seared Kobe beef with pickled vegetables, browned butter soy and wasabi - $29
Crispy skinned young garlic chicken with sweet and sour onion marmalade - $20
Spicy slow braised veal cheek with soft brown rice and olive preserved vegetables - $19
Mongolian lamb chops, glazed bananas, chili mint, carrot cardamom chutney and peanut sauce (2 pieces) - $20

Warm chocolate cake with hazelnut chocolate crumble, vanilla crème anglaise - $12
Coconut crème caramel with cantilly crème and black rice pudding, lady fingers - $11
Almond crusted chocolate and vanilla custards, huckleberry compote, lemon & apple cider sauce - $12
Warm black sesame & peanut tong yuan in watercress and osmanthi honey consomme - $12
Granite of orange and lemongrass , lemon curd, passion fruit gelee with bitter orange sorbet, banana blueberry compote - $12

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A Closer Look at Shang, Finally Open in the Thompson LES