Sex Diaries, Grub Street Edition: The Businessman in the Brasserie Bathroom

Tons of Craigslist’s “missed connections” take place in restaurants — take the solo eater looking to reconnect with the slim waitress: “Beautiful woman … AWESOME A**” Of course, some folks are more charming: “You: the hot bespectacled nerd waiter weighted down by needless mathematical inconvenience. sorry about that. me: 1 of the party of 5. reach out if you see this.” And waiters cruise for diners, too: “You were eating brunch at the little Italian wine bar/restaurant on the LES that I work at; long brown hair, super cute.” Aww. And then there’s this ad, set in a “fairly new French restaurant” in midtown. Be warned, it’s truly worthy of Daily Intel’s “Sex Diaries.”

getting in touch with you would be a holiday gift alone for me!!!

Last night around 7 pm……I was having dinner at a fairly new French restaurant…….we were seated at a table for two (he was not my BF! just a gay friend - lol)

two tables away - TWO very hot business men were eating dinner. You kept eyeing me……as I ate. At some pt, I had to go to the bathroom and you followed me.

We gave each other hand jobs at the urinal! SO HOT!

we remained anonymous………and left no room for dessert! lol

you had an accent (like midwestern mixed with Canadian)…….

YOU? about 6 ft 3”, maybe 220 lbs?, suited up in a black suit, sable blonde hair, gorgeous green eyes, hung (OMG - you’re LIKE 9”???!!!) ripped, hairy chest and tummy (as I discovered in the bathroom), and ripped legs/calves…….

ME? 5 ft 11”, med build, hazel eyes, light brunette, hung (8” uncut as you saw), you went wild when you discovered i was uc.


It’s amazing how detailed this ad is. Wouldn’t it have sufficed to write: “You sexually satisfied me at the urinal of a fairly new French restaurant last night. Call me!”? Or does this stuff happen at fairly new French restaurants just that often? Clearly we’re not hitting the powder room enough.

? HOT Biz guy in bthrm at Restaurant ? sun, 12/14 - m4m [Craigslist]
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Sex Diaries, Grub Street Edition: The Businessman in the Brasserie Bathroom