Secret Speakeasy: We Hear You Knocking But You Can’t Come In

643 Broadway as Mr. Black.
643 Broadway as Mr. Black. Photo: Ben Rosenzweig

Boozy NYC has seriously rankled the operators of “Woodburn and Ford,” the secret speakeasy in the Mr. Black space. Turns out it may not be called that, per a comment on the post: “The bar that was formerly does not yet have an official name, the space itself can only be rented or booked for private party purposes, hence the use of a password to keep un-invited guests firmly out! it will not be open to the public on a day to day basis at any time in the near future and neither is it an illegal space.” A mixologist from Woodford and Ford (er, Whatsitsname) chimes in:

The unamed establishment is an event space. Clearly stealing our menus is frowned upon and since I would have seen you taking copious notes or taking photos I can only assume you vandalized our vintage books.

Boozy NYC finds it odd that an event space would link drink prices, but the mixologist explains, “Our events range from complete buyouts to minimum purchases for large groups. SO in that case we print prices to help them understand how they reach their minimum.” Fair enough. Anyway, if you want to throw your bday party, there, you can do so through this Website.

Update: We’ve now gotten word from one of the mixologists: “Woodson and Ford is a
cocktail on the menu (which is very popular!) not the name of the space. There is no name as of yet. This is still being decided with our investors. Also, any mention of illegalities is libel. We have a legal liquor license. We are not yet open to the general public. The space is being used for private events and parties.”

The Newest Secret Speakeasy [Boozy NYC via Down by the Hipster]

Secret Speakeasy: We Hear You Knocking But You Can’t Come In