Scott Conant and Chris Cannon Take the Gloves Off, Sue the Pants Off Each Other

Scott Conant
Scott Conant Photo: Patrick McMullan

When we first told you about Scott Conant’s split with Chris Cannon, his partner at Alto and L’Impero, things seemed fairly civil. But then in July Conant implied to New York Restaurant Insider that his former employer was “incompetent.” We predicted then that it wasn’t the last time hard words would come out, and indeed it wasn’t — Cityfile now has papers from a lawsuit that Conant has filed against his former restaurant.

Last week Conant filed a suit against Cannon in New York Supreme Court, alleging that Cannon has failed to pay him $104,440.67 in deferred compensation. Cannon, for his part, is now countersuing, arguing that Conant violated the terms of his contract as well as defamed him in the New York Restaurant Insider interview, a violation, he says, of the “non-disparaging remarks” provision in the separation agreement they signed in 2007.

According to papers, Cannon ceased making payments because of the harsh words in the Restaurant Insider interview, which caused the Post and Observer to respectively characterize his split with Conant as a “feud” that had turned “nasty.” In turn, Conant was irked that Cannon told Alto Cucina that Conant’s cooking was sometimes “too refined” and that his hamachi with ginger oil “strayed too far.” The rest of the back-and-forth appears in the court papers reprinted on Cityfile. You gotta figure that if, say, Andrew Carmellini was thinking about breaking his silence about his split with A Voce, he definitely ain’t doing it now.

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Scott Conant and Chris Cannon Take the Gloves Off, Sue the Pants Off Each Other