Ride It On Out Like You Were A Bird…

Honestly, we expected our first glimpse of food that looks like drugs in San Francisco to be maybe a burrito rolled up like a joint, or possibly a cocktail served in a bong. But this works too (from Burrito Justice):

That there is a shot of last night’s dessert at Mission Street Food. According to guest chef Ryan Farr’s description of his menu on the MSF blog, it’s “Reconstructed Pecan Pie, Bourbon Cream, and Lines of Bacon ‘Snow.’” This is what you’re missing out on, people! You have to believe it when they say it’s addictive. What would Nancy Reagan think?

Oh, and just because it’s got to be in your head:

Ride A White Swan - Marc Bolan

By Farr [Mission Street Food]
Bacon Snow [Burrito Justice]

Ride It On Out Like You Were A Bird…