Review Revue: 12/16/2008

You might have noticed something fancy directly above the words you are currently reading. That, folks, is the official Review Revue banner, and we are just beside ourselves with delight over it. It was designed for us by the eminently talented Marc Alan Fishman, graphic designer and one-third of the team behind deeply awesome Chicago graphic novel The March. Ain’t he grand?

• Epicurista avails herself of the Tour of Spain tasting menu at Carnivale, where the savories are so good that she skips dessert.

• Being Totally Sweet in Chicago (who, it’s worth noting, also have a fancy new logo courtesy of Mr. Fishman) motorcycles up to Devon Ave, for a decadent buffet lunch at Sher-A-Punjab.

• Rob at VI works the room at Freddy’s Pizza, hauling a mountain of grub for under $14. The man needs to teach us his comping secrets.

• Consumatron belatedly posts on the appetizer from his meal at Karyn’s Cooked, which is just as bleh as the entree was.

• Chuck Sudo takes on the chicken-fried bacon at Wiener and Still Champion in Evanston, which blow the more press-savvy fried bacon strips from Risqué Cafe out of the water.

• Sky Full of Bacon encounters a little breakfast-time hostility at Shokolad. Or maybe that’s just the post-Soviet ethos talking.

Review Revue: 12/16/2008