Remember The Kid Critic?

In what is truly an only-in-New-York story, David Fishman, the pint-sized aspiring restaurant critic is back! We spoke about him earlier — some found him charmingly precocious, but we must admit that we fell on the side of dismayed.

It is a somewhat endearing story on many levels, and we applaud anyone who shows such an early interest in becoming an epicure, but it felt preposterous more than anything else. Like a movie, some might say! One of those aspirational flicks for kids, wherein a 10-year old protagonist does a 40-year old’s job.

Well, apparently, Hollywood felt the same, because Fishman’s story is being turned into a movie — possibly. Rights have been acquired, and

Goldwyn said the food-critic article offered a recipe for a youth-themed empowerment film. He said that the producers may secure life rights of the subject, David Fishman, who writes his critiques in a private journal and has struck up a kinship with a prominent restaurateur.

We don’t see this turning into a Ratatouille-level heartwarmer, but you never know! (And anyway, we’re willing to concede that we might be in the minority when it comes to popular sentiment on this whole story.)

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Remember The Kid Critic?