City Of Blinding Lights

We’ve written endless posts on our love of hotel bars, but never have we been able to write about one that spawned off a child due to its overwhelming success. We’re referring to City Bar, of course. The original location, housed inside the Lenox Hotel, is one of Back Bay’s swankiest bars for enjoying a cocktail. Definitely one of Boston’s sleekest spots to grab a drink, the clientele ranges from international journalists (we eavesdropped on that one) to city hipsters in the typical Chuck Taylors. Everyone seems to be able to find their place at City Bar.

Maybe that’s why the Waterfront now has an all new City Bar of its own. Down by the popular and always celebrity-attracting Westin Waterfront, it’s the perfect location for those who don’t feel like trekking to Back Bay for after work cocktails. And with an all new branch of M.J. O’Conner’s Irish Pub right next door, you can go from swank to just plain wasted in only a few steps.

They don’t simply refer to their drinks as cocktails at City Bar. Instead, they call them infusions diabolique. Oooooh, how sultry! But in all truth, their martini list is quite interesting. If you’re one for a little bit of chocolate, try the Willy Wonka. It’s a mix of chocolate vodka, Godiva White and Dark, and white Creme de Cacao. Luckily, there’s no golden ticket required to taste it.

City Bar [Official Site]
M.J. O’Conner’s Irish Pub [Official Site]

[Photo: City Bar]

City Of Blinding Lights