A Winter’s Tale

You know that feeling after a really long day of work where you just want to run to the corner store and pick up a big bucket of ice cream? Preferably to be eaten in front of the television while some heinous reality show is playing? Uh, we’ve been there. Add in a bottle of cheap wine and we’re practically next to you on the couch. But today we celebrate ice cream’s little brother, which we indulge in quite often and enjoy as it’s delivered right to our friont step. We’re talkin’ frozen yogurt, or fro yo for those of us who are just too lazy to say both words.

If you’re a resident of the Fenway or Back Bay area, we have to recommend Hidyan Cafe for all your frozen yogurt needs. Not only are there flavors ranging from Cracklin’ Oat Bran to Fig Newton (ew), but the mainstays such as double chocolate and cheesecake are always on the menu. While you’re welcome to take a seat in this family run establishment, after a crappy day we recommend delivery!

When we moved downtown we were a little sad to say goodbye to Hidyan, but when we came across Cafe Podima on Cambridge Street in Beacon Hill, our prayers were answered. We recommend the chocolate and M&M; combo, but with 30 plus flavors you can pick and choose whatever you’d like. Their fast as lightning delivery is also a vital component of Podima’s success, so no need to wash your hair or put on real pants to get there. And just a little extra bonus: After running to the convenience store and housing an entire pint of Haagen Daas Ice Cream, take a look at the fat and calorie content. We guarantee that frozen yogurt tastes simply delicious but doesn’t represent your required daily caloric intake.

Hidyan Cafe [MenuPages]
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[Photo: Team Sugar]

A Winter’s Tale