Unhelpful Information From Chicago Magazine

Not that we mean to imply that print is dead or anything, but there’s this one Dining Tidbit from Chicago Mag that sort of explains why long leads aren’t always a guarantee of quality.

It’s a blurb on chef Billy Alexander, and how he’s shaking things up at his new restaurant Farmerie 58 — sort of a farm-boy-makes-good-in-the-big-city story. Warms the heart, stirs up buzz.

Except that, oh hey, Alexander stormed out of Farmerie 58 in early November, leaving his sous to take the helm in the kitchen.

We grok the demands of a print deadline, Chicago, don’t get us wrong. But there’s no reason to run something like this on the website without at least an update line. The internet is flexible, y’see?

Opening: Farmerie 58 [Chicago Magazine]
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[Photo via Farmerie 58’s official site]


Unhelpful Information From Chicago Magazine