This Year’s Slab Scrum A Win For Justice

Not just more superfluous Burritoeater fluffing: There’s something real to be gained from this year’s Slab Scrum, which is nailbitingly close to its final hour. So far, relative unknown El Norteno has held its own against heavyweights like Taqueria San Francisco and Taqueria El Castillito. Now, the competition has come down to two (El Norteno vs. Papalote), and even if El Norte loses out, it still wins for the acclaim its getting.

But the real winners in all this are the lawyers, cops, investigators, secretaries, medical examiners, judges, bail bondsmen and criminals who spend their days in and around the Hall of Justice, at 850 Bryant St., just across from El Norteno. Because damn if there’s not a frightful dearth of decent places to eat around there. Bechelli’s Flower Market Cafe is alright, but it’s just a little too far away, and is a dollar-sign too expensive for an every-day lunch option. There’s Delideleon, which was a personal staple when we were a denizen of the Hall of Justice press room, and they’re fine, but can you handle deli sandwiches every day? No, you can’t. Even if their meatloaf is off the charts/chain/handle, etc.

So it’s a boon for those poor workers, defendants, and witnesses alike, of 850, to have one of the best taco trucks in the city right across the street. Our only regret: We never ordered a burrito there. Tacos, plenty of times. The occasional torta, but for some reason, no “slabs.” Well, perhaps its time to take a stroll down to the ol’ courthouse once more to sample the lunch that could have been.

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This Year’s Slab Scrum A Win For Justice