FYI: Lean Times For All, Including Rudolph

• A suicide bomber kills 55 people in an Iraqi restaurant Thursday in the deadliest attack in six months. [AP/SF Chronicle]

• The tight economy affects businesses of all stripes, not least small-town restaurants, one of which is the subject of an ongoing CBS profile. [CBS]

• Sales of expensive organic food slow when nobody has any money. [AP/LA Times]

• Can food produced using unfair labor practices still be labeled Kosher? That was the subject of a huge debate at Yeshiva University in the wake of a labor scandal at a major Kosher meat producer last spring. [NYT]

• In honor of the holidays, a Chicago-area restaurant is serving reindeer sausages. Yum, Blitzen!. [Chicago Tribune]


FYI: Lean Times For All, Including Rudolph