Irish Whiskey Made You Frisky…The Morning After Edition

Some Boston brunch spots give off the impression that your food has been dropped on the floor, thrown against the wall, and then strategically placed right back on your plate. Ever seen the disgusting (yet hilarious) college movie Road Trip? There’s a scene involving Saturday Night Live’s Horatio Sanz as a diner cook. The many ways that man defiles French toast, you don’t want to imagine. Let’s just say it scared us away from truck stops for a bit of time. So where”s a decent brunch spot that won’t cost an arm and a leg, yet isn’t the International House Of Pancakes?

In looking for a great brunch spot to nurse our hangovers with friends on the weekends, we came across The Kinsale. Are you thinking, “Didn’t I get plastered there last night?” Well yes, the Kinsale is an Irish pub after the sun goes down. But come the hours of 10am to 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and the Kinsale becomes a great place to recover from the night before.

Very centrally located in Government Center just a hop from the T stop, we found the menu to be equally as easy to choose from. Since we have an awkward aversion to breakfast foods, we love to head to the lunch menu for the Kinsale’s crispy, seasoned fries. While we tend to order a veggie burger to sit next to those fries, we understand the majority probably would prefer one of the Kinsale’s many burgers. While there are typical combos such as the peppercorn smoked cheddar burger, the Kinsale isn’t afraid to go a little further. An example: The Dubliner Burger, topped with black and white pudding and aged Irish cheddar cheese. If you’re brave enough, let us know how that goes down.

The Kinsale [MenuPages]
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Irish Whiskey Made You Frisky…The Morning After Edition