Ooooooh, That Smell…

In a sea of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, it’s nice to know there are independent cafes thriving in the Boston community. Especially when we get the urge to go European and plop down in a cafe for an entire afternoon without being stared at for not ordering a 20th double-tall soy latte. Well, the glares are absent at Newbury Street mainstay L’Aroma, the Euro-style cafe and restaurant where the cappuccinos are steamed to perfection and your hunger can be squashed with a delectable panini sandwich.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, choose the Kitchen Sink Cookie, which has everything except the kitchen sink. Chunks of chocolate, both white and milk are joined by cranberries and walnuts. Amazing! We love to just sit and dip one in our latte. But if you’re looking for a panini to really fill you up, step away from the sweets counter (It’s quite enticing). One of the most popular sandwiches has to be the Casanova, a mix of black forest ham, cheddar cheese, fresh veggies and a layer of spicy mustard and mayo. With a name like that, the sandwich better be pretty delicious.

In times of restaurant shutdowns and the need for caffeine generally heightened throughout the work day as we hide in the bathroom worrying our heads are on the chopping block, remember that while the big coffee chains are extremely accessible and useful at times, locations like L’Aroma are truly one of a kind.

L’Aroma [MenuPages]
L’Aroma [Official Site]

[Photo: cmliu]

Ooooooh, That Smell…