National: The Only Pawn Shop That Specializes In Food

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These days, it’s virtually impossible to escape economic downturn talk. On balance, this is a good thing: it would be foolhardy and shortsighted to ignore reality and pretend that everything is hunky-dory. Still, after reading (and writing) an ever-growing number of articles or blog posts about people clamping down on spending, or restaurants bracing themselves for a rough couple of years, it’s beginning to feel like we could all stand to dial-down all of the doomsday talk.

On that note, we would like to direct your attention to this Funny or Die short directed by Adam McKay. It’s totally absurdist, nonsensical, and wonderful! It also does a a bang-up job of injecting some levity into the current somber climate.

Feeling the financial pinch? Stavenhagen’s Food Pawn Shop in Brooklyn will buy your sandwiches, taco salads, popsicles and omelets. The food there is exotic, never skanky, although there is no guarantee against cockroaches or needles! Yum. Most importantly, although they are willing to pay “top dollar” for “cob salad,” tuna hoagies, and baked ziti, do not even try to come in with gum or breath mints (they are very emphatic on this point).

See? Things could always be worse!

Stavenhagen’s Food Pawn Shop with Steve Buscemi and Will Ferrell [Funny or Die]

National: The Only Pawn Shop That Specializes In Food